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Who We Are

AZNPbio is a San Diego, California (CA) based, privately-held  bio-tech company engaged in natural product sourcing, collection, extraction, purification and manufacturing to serve health product company’s ever-growing new target and ingredient developments. We have operations and collaborations all over the world.

  Our Library

Our library includes more than 8000 bio-collections from over 3500 genera. About 10,000 extracts purified and HPLC-isolated compounds and fractions are ready for bio-active screening. One-third of our collections have origin from the Middle East and Africa.

Our Mission

With samples derived from lichen, liverwort, fern, algae, mushroom, aquatics, marine, worm, higher plants and insects for bio-screening (HTS), generating hit-to-lead and preclinical candidates; AZNPbio can help grow your R&D pipeline of new drugs, cosmetics, preservatives, natural flavors, herbcides and pesticides.

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