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Many vegetables, fruits and seeds have health functions, and can be used for chronic problem prevention and treatments:

Lupine seeds control chronic hyperglycemic diseases

Grapefruits for lipid lowering and weight loss

Coconut oil benefits human heart and blood profile

Walnut and plantain easy anxiety and depression

Marshmallow relieves gastric and other ulcers

Ginger reduces colorectal cancer risk

Goji berries help fatigue, poor vision and immunity

Emu oil for pains of headache, shingles, arthritis, muscle & joint

Watermelon lowers blood pressure and works like Viagra

Papaya and cherry for gout attack and constipation

Mangoesteen has anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory effects

Grape seed extract reduces working women leg swelling

Ginger-Guavas tea relieves dry mouth (Sjogren's syndrome)

Passion fruit peel is effective for asthma, OA and diabetes

Propolis for genital herpes and hair growth

Moringa for malnutrition, heavy metal poison and epilepsy

Purple-flesh sweet potato has anti-hyperglycemia effect

Fig fruit is used to treat cystitis and constipation

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