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Besides Sample Library, What Else We Can Do:


  1. Authentic identification of ethnomedicinal plants associated with common names, folk and historic uses, scientific definitions, description, likely alterations and synonyms

  2. Geographic distribution and abundance analysis

  3. Biological study and Efficacy review

  4. Raw material evaluation and sourcing (vendor audit and price investigation, available ingredient and extract purity, strength, composition, active compounds and content range)

  5. Comparison and selection of functional plants and ingredients for product formulation

  6. Safety evaluation including acute and chronic toxicities, LD50, effects on infants and reproductive organs

  7. Irritation and allergy assesment

  8. Dosage range suggestion

  9. Novelty assessment and patent claims construction

  10. Assessment and prediction of oral availability and tissue distribution

  11. Quality control method design (UV, HPLC, TLC, HPTLC, GC or GC/MS, organic solvent residues, microbial, heavy metals, and pesticides in standardized extract, compound and ingredient)

  12. Manufacturing methods

  13. We also supply herbs, raw materials, authentic extracts and cutting-edge science-based functional ingredients.

For hundreds of years, natural products with traditional medicinal uses have led to many new drug molecule inventions.


Ancestors have gained valuable herb knowledge from thousand years of trial-and-error.


Those natural products without folk use records, or not qualified as folk medicines in the process of natural selection may have no biological effects, or the effect is too weak to be noticed.


AZNPbio library serve as shortcuts for finding new molecules, of which possess desirable characters of natural chiral centers, ADME, solubility, stability, permeability, drug-likeness for your structure modification, optimization, and targeting synthesis. Theose new molecules could also be used as precursors or intermediates for testing hypothesis, generating analogues, patentable lead compounds and INDs (Investigative New Drug).

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