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AZNPbio natural product collections are highly diversified and origin from all over the world. We usually do not collect more than 2 species from one genus. Online resources are frequently checked to reduce the collection of well-studied species.


More than half of our collections are chemically-untapped, so the possiblity of finding new bio-active compounds from our library should be high


Our botanical scientists perform field collection personally in order to reduce error and maintain the high quality of our library. Besides leaves and branches, we make more efforts to collect roots, barks, alga, lichens, liverworts, mushrooms, ferns, seaweeds, clams, insects, worms and galls.


About 8000 natural products belonging to over 3500 genera are in our library. Each sample in air-tight bag is sufficient to generate enough extract for a complete research.

Assay-ready bio-samples are dissolved in DMSO and stored in 96-deep-well master plates for assay daughter plate making. For uniformed assay dilution and avoiding false and missing hits, our samples are distributed into different plates according to their nature and similarity. We can assist you to complete biochemical, enzyme and cell-based assays.


Screening party purchases hit IDs from us for further developments. We release all information associated with the hits. Consistent bulk materials, powder, extracts and some compounds can be supplied for chemical and MOA studies.


We have the expertise and informative database to help your screening, compound isolation and active identification. Our database is the R&D platform for rapid pinpointing actives. Organism description, uses, distribution, safety, development status, chemical, biological and clinical study information are gathered continously.


All interllectual property rights would belong to screening party if screening party screen, isolate and characterize the active structures.

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